8 Must-Know Features of Samsung QN90B 85-Inch TV for Superior Entertainment

Discovering the Excellence of Home Viewing

The quest for the ultimate home entertainment experience leads discerning viewers to the Samsung QN90B 85-Inch TV Review, a beacon of excellence in today’s visual and auditory technology landscape. Marrying sophisticated design with groundbreaking features, it stands as a luxury choice for a high-end viewing journey.

Visual Innovation Unleashed

Revolutionary Neo QLED Brilliance

At the forefront of display excellence, Samsung’s Neo QLED technology propels the QN90B to deliver a billion-color palette and extraordinary contrast. The result is an immersive, true-to-life picture that captures the viewer’s imagination.

Quantum Matrix Technology Pro Precision

Central to its display prowess, the Quantum Matrix Technology Pro refines brightness and deepens blacks, bringing every scene to life with clarity and depth, transforming the ordinary into the spectacular.

Enhanced Detail with Quantum HDR 32X

Quantum HDR 32X elevates the TV’s dynamic range to new heights, unveiling details that were once hidden, and creating an unmatched visual experience.

The Sound of Innovation

Immersive Object Tracking Sound

With Object Tracking Sound, the QN90B envelops viewers in a three-dimensional soundscape, perfectly aligning audio precision with on-screen action.

Samsung QN90B 85-Inch TV Review

Q-Symphony: A Harmonic Convergence

Q-Symphony orchestrates a symphony of seamless audio when paired with Samsung’s Q-Series Soundbar, ensuring a full spectrum of sound that resonates with every scene.

Smart and Connected

Intuitive Tizen Ecosystem

The smart hub capabilities of the QN90B are powered by Tizen, offering a world of apps, streaming, and easy navigation at your fingertips.

Innovative SolarCell Remote

A step towards sustainability, the included SolarCell Remote self-charges, boasting perpetual readiness and eco-friendly usage.

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Multi View for Multitaskers

The QN90B’s Multi View feature revolutionizes content consumption, allowing up to four simultaneous screen views – perfect for those who want more from their viewing experience.

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Elegance in Design

Svelte Profile, Bezel-less Aesthetics

Not just a performance giant, the QN90B’s design is also a head-turner, featuring a minimalistic bezel and slim silhouette that integrates seamlessly with any decor.

Attachable Slim One Connect for Clutter-Free Setup

The Attachable Slim One Connect box is a testament to efficient cable management, ensuring your space retains its sleek, uncluttered aesthetic.

Enhancing Gaming with Speed and Clarity

Motion Xcelerator Turbo for Gamers

The Motion Xcelerator Turbo feature promises gamers smooth motion and rapid response times, giving them the competitive edge desired in fast-paced gaming scenarios.

Customizable Game Bar 2.0

Game Bar 2.0 enhances the gaming experience by offering on-the-fly adjustments and personalized settings, catering to diverse gaming preferences and genres.

Commitment to Energy Conservation

Eco-Conscious Viewership

The QN90B affirms Samsung’s dedication to energy efficiency, equipped with features that cut power consumption and promote longevity, underscoring a commitment to environmental responsibility.

Summing Up the Marvel of QN90B

Concluding the Samsung QN90B 85-Inch TV Review, this model transcends traditional viewing, offering unparalleled quality, advanced audio technology, and comprehensive smart features – an embodiment of perfection for the elite viewer.

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